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Proson Taste: reducing salt without losing flavour

Salt reduction in food is a current theme. Continuing to reduce salt from 1.8 to 1.5% is a legal obligation in the Netherlands since January 2013. Sonneveld has been preparing for this important development since 2007 and also introduced a product to the market at that time, called Proson Taste. Proson Taste is a bread character influencer in block form which makes sure extra flavour is added to your bread when the level of salt in your bread recipe is reduced.

Renewed composition to continue to reduce salt levels

Proson Taste’s composition has recently been renewed, which now makes it ultimately suitable for reducing the amount of salt, if necessary in small steps. Proson Taste will enrich the flavour of the bread and can reduce the amount of salt in various bread recipes up to an impressive 50%, without this having a negative effect on the dough characteristics and flavour of the final product. Proson Taste makes high levels of salt unnecessary and is suitable for all types of bread.

Simple processing

All products in the Proson series are easy to process. Proson Taste can be used in virtually any required quantity, without the need for any weighing scales. The unique properties of this rich in fat product ensures dirty hands, work surfaces and bakery tools, but also dust formation, are now all a thing of the past.

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