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Vision on innovation

Sonneveld believes that sharing knowledge and the associated partnerships are the key to future success for all entrepreneurs within the bakery chain.

Innovation & Development (I&D)

Sonneveld has always emphasised the importance of innovation. We have been able to see this in the relatively high staff levels within the Innovation & Development (I&D) department, managed by Peter Weegels, an expert in enzyme technology. Sonneveld sees creating new innovations through working and researching together with our partners and the various different departments as being of the utmost importance.

Innovative and sustainable ideas for the future

Sonneveld reacts to trends from the market with products like Proson Taste. You can reduce the level of salt in your bread recipe up to an impressive 50% by adding 1% Proson Taste, without this negatively influencing the end product’s dough properties and taste sensation.

Sonneveld is also focussing on sustainability with its Sonextra Sustain product. Sonneveld has developed this concept for the reprocessing of bread. Any rejected bread is processed into a sourdough and thereby becomes an ingredient for your daily bread production. This prevents unnecessary wastage, which means it perfectly links into sustainable enterprising and at the same time also resulting in a profit.

European Bakery Innovation Centre (EBIC); a Sonneveld initiative

Considerable investments went into a knowledge and innovation centre in 2006, called the European Bakery Innovation Centre (EBIC). The EBIC was specifically founded for ingredients suppliers, machine manufacturers, bakeries and consumers, both national and international. Entrepreneurs can use the centre to acquire or share technology and application knowledge. Events like (inter)national workshops and seminars are organised within EBIC, but this knowledge and innovation centre can also be used for conducting specific customer focussed research. The most important objective is the exchange of knowledge which can help bakeries, machine manufacturers and government authorities to progress.

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