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19 August 2013
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Sonneveld has an extensive and distinctive assortment of bakery ingredients. An important product group from Sonneveld contains our block improvers, named Proson. Proson can be divided into two product groups: Proson Improver and Proson Character. The Proson products have been specially developed and are easy to process due to the block form. The two leading Proson products, Proson XS and Proson Uniforce Royal, are highlighted in this article.


Since 2009, Sonneveld has been actively involved with Socially Responsible Enterprising (SRE) in many different areas. This subject is a ‘hot item' for companies which, in addition to realising profit, want to take responsibility for people, society and the environment. For example, we separate our waste, we carefully manage our energy consumption, we focus on the use of sustainable ingredients and we support Bake for Life.

Social media is increasingly being used. By sharing information and knowledge through Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn, you are, as a baker, able to be continuously informed about all updates and news. Besides Sonneveld, EBIC and ORKLA, the parent company of Sonneveld, are also active on social media. Through various platforms, interesting information is being communicated. Follow Sonneveld, EBIC and ORKLA and you are immediately informed about the latest developments!


For several years Sonneveld has been supporting the charity, the Bake for Life foundation, by giving financial support and by actively participating in projects. Last week Sonneveld donated nineteen computers and ten printers to Bake for Life for the bakeries in Uganda. With these items the Bake for Life bakeries will be able to continue their automation.

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