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EBIC VR tour

At the IBA trade fair, we would like to take you on a virtual tour through EBIC; the European Bakery Innovation Centre which is connected to Sonneveld. During this tour you will discover how we turn our knowledge into new ideas and innovations of which you can take full advantage!

EBIC is committed to sharing knowledge with all specialists in the bakery chain.
From baker to retailer and from miller to raw material supplier.

EBIC believes that knowledge is power. Creating, sharing and implementing knowledge to strengthen the bakery chain and to develop new ideas and innovations. Conducting research, providing training and seminars and providing support in practice are the cornerstones of EBIC.

In this way, EBIC wants to contribute to increase the knowledge of all those involved in the chain. Because in our constantly changing world can artisan and industrial bakeries must constantly respond to the expectations of consumers.

Visit the EBIC website for more information:

Virtual Reality Tour through EBIC

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