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Proson Preserve

Proson Preserve
On top product used to preserve all types of bread.

  • Long preservation of the bread
  • In contrast with other preservative agents no hazardous dust is formed
  • Easy and safe to dose
  • Is 2 to 3 times more active than standard Calcium proponiate

Product news

New! Proson Preserve - 16 September 2011
A unique bread characteristic influencer, especially developed by Sonneveld to give your bakery products a longer shelf-life. With Proson Preserve the shelf-life can be extended up to 5 weeks.

All products in the Proson range have added benefit of being very easy to process. Proson Preserve is easy to measure into almost any required quantity without having to use scales. Thanks to the unique properties of this product, dirty hands, work surfaces and baking utensils are a thing of the past. Furthermore, in contrast with other preservative agents no hazardous dust is formed, thanks to the encapsulation of the preserving agent. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is therefore no longer necessary when dosing.

For more information about this product contact your agent or contact person at Sonneveld.


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