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Proson Freeze

Proson Freeze
Bread character influencer ror extra tolerance during freezing processing.

  • Universal and concentrated product
  • Higher tolerance level in dough retarding processes
  • A nicer structure
  • A more even crumb

Product features

0,5% - 1,5%
Carton (10 x 1 kg), 10 kg
Shelf life:
12 months
The article contains the matter mentioned (as ingredient) or may contain the
matter. Gluten
The article contains the matter mentioned (as ingredient) or may contain the
matter. Wheat (such as spelt and khorasan wheat)
Proson Freeze
This bread character influencer is especially developed to control the quality of your bread, when this is processed via the freezer.

Proson Freeze ensures your frozen dough will have a higher tolerance, better volume, a more even crumb and a finer structure when baked off in the oven. The dosage is set between 0,5% and 1,0%.

You can produce more efficiently and more cost consciously with the dough retarding process, as you can turn larger batches in one go. The disadvantage is that frozen dough has a lower tolerance level. The crumb structure will also become coarser and less even than with ‘fresh’ dough.

Sonneveld has developed Proson Freeze especially for this purpose. This unique product will enable the quality conscious baker to retain bread quality with the dough retarding process. Proson Freeze is suitable for all types of bread, also for crusty bread, french bread, ciabattas and laminated products.

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