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Gold 2000

Gold 2000
Vegetable-based release agent for bread, easy to release pastry and biscuits with a very long shelf life.

  • For end products with a long shelf life
  • With lecithin based on rapeseed
  • Retards carbonisation
  • Very fluid product, based on vegetable oils and waxes

Product features

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Gold 2000
Jerrycan, 10 ltr
Shelf life:
12 months
Gold 2000

This product is a high-quality, vegetable-based release agent suitable for bread and easy to release pastry and biscuit products with a very long shelf life. 

Gold 2000 is particularly suitable for use with perforated baking trays, as it slows down carbonisation. Gold 2000 is a very fluid product and may be applied using airless spray systems and baking tray cleaners.

Gold 2000 contains lecithin based on rapeseed.

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