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CreationS Cheese

CreationS Cheese
Premix for the preparation of cheese bread with robust cheese flavour.

  • Warm crumb colour
  • Contains various cheese types
  • Free to choose your own bread improver
  • Flexible dosage between 10-40%

Product features

CreationS Cheese
Bag, 20 kg
Shelf life:
12 months
CreationS Cheese

CreationS Cheese is in particular suitable for savoury bread types and laminated products.

The various cheese types in this premix offer a unique cheese flavour and aroma. The doughs have a good extensibility, are very tolerant and can easily be handled in various types of processes.

The combination of various cheese types lends a characteristic and robust cheese flavour to your bread. The premix provides an even oven spring with a soft-textured crumb. The warm colour of the crumb reinforces the cheese experience.

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Release agent advice
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