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Crème Limburgse Vlaai (Dutch specialty flan)

Crème Limburgse Vlaai (Dutch specialty flan)
Paste improver for flans.

  • For all kinds of flans
  • Supple handling
  • Short bite
  • High quality

Product news

Pastes in handy rectangular buckets - 29 March 2010
As from March 2010 Sonneveld will replace its rounded buckets by new, rectangular buckets. The rectangular buckets offer some important advantages. For instance, the buckets are made of durable, high quality plastic. This makes the buckets considerably stronger than their predecessor. The new packing also has a logistical advantage. The buckets are better stackable, and therefore more buckets will fit on one pallet. This is not only practical during transport, but also in your warehouse!

Colour codes remain the same
The colour of all our packings indicate for what the type of end product the bread improver is suitable. The new rectangular buckets also have this colour coding. Your familiar coloour coding will remain the same. The new bucket for pastes is a yellow, rectangular bucket with a content of 20 kg.

The new buckets:

  • solid quality
  • better stacking on pallets in your warehouse
  • better stability
  • well transportable
  • your familiar color coding
  • reusable

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The Profit of Waste

The Profit of Waste

Release agent advice

Release agent advice
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