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Odense Coconut Paste

Odense Coconut Paste
Odense Coconut Paste is a ready-to-use convenience product for different kinds of confectionery and cakes, with the exotic taste of coconut.

  • Apricot kernel paste with real coconut
  • Can be used baked or unbaked
  • Baked goods stay fresh and soft inside

Recipe: Coconut Cherry Pie


Bottom: % g
Sweet Short Pastry % 3000 g
Coconutfilling: % g
Odense Coconut Paste » % 800 g
Crème Pâtissière Authentique » % 200 g
Water approx. % 500 g
Coconut Rings: % g
Odense Coconut Paste % 1500 g
Filling 1: % g
Crème Pâtissière Authentique » % 400 g
Water approx. % 1000 g
Filling 2: % g
Fruit Filling Cherries % 1500 g
Finish: % g
Glazing jelly % g
Complete recipe Coconut Cherry Pie

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Release agent advice

Release agent advice
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