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QS Croustillant (Crispy)

QS Croustillant (Crispy)
Bread improver in powder form for crusty bread types.

  • Very good tolerance
  • Extra crispy crust
  • Light sour dough flavour

Product news

New: QS Croustillant for top of the bill crusty bread - 7 April 2011
Sonneveld introduces QS Croustillant, a powder bread improver for the preparation of crusty bread types. The blend of high quality ingredients ensures top of the bill crusty bread.

Bread improver QS Croustillant ensures a delicious end product with a good volume. Also QS Croustillant gives excellent tolerance during the baking process. The light flavour of sour dough gives your bread its own identity. QS Croustillant can be used for all kinds of crispy breads and rolls.

Ask you contact person at Sonneveld for more information about this product.

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