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Vitason Spelt

Vitason Spelt
Complete breadmix with salt for the preparation of bread with 100% spelt flour.

  • Only contains spelt flour
  • Easy to process and a good softness

Product news

Discover todays healthy bread based on ancient grains - 15 March 2015
Sonneveld introduces bread mixes based on ancient grains: Vitason Oat Amaranth, Vitason Spelt, and Vitason Chia Buckwheat. Mixes based on ancient grains are authentic and healthy, but our mixes are especially very tasty. With our ancient grain breadmixes, bakers are able to respond well to the current and upcoming consumer demand for healthy and authentic products, which are pure, unprocessed and genuine. Make the difference with today’s healthy breads based on ancient grains!

Discover our ancient grain bread mixes

Consumers like products where it's all about taste and nutritional value, as our ancestors were accustomed. No wonder that ancient grains are booming at the moment. That’s why Sonneveld expanded its portfolio with the following bread mixes based on ancient grains:
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To support you with the promotion of these new authentic bread types, Sonneveld can provide you with several promotional materials. For example: there are posters, consumer information folders, on-pack-stickers and other promotional items available. The materials can even be personalized with your own logo or promotion. All items are provided digitally in press quality.

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The Profit of Waste

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