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QS Zacht Luxe (Luxury Soft Rolls)

QS Zacht Luxe (Luxury Soft Rolls)
Bread improver in powder form, suitable for luxury soft rolls.

  • High process tolerance
  • Creamy crumb colour
  • Superior softness

Product news

Taste the difference with QS Luxe Superieur - 26 July 2010
Sonneveld has developed a new product for the QS range. QS Luxe Superieur is suitable for luxury soft rolls and buns. QS Luxe Superieur gives these end products a special flavour and aroma. The QS range consists of bread improvers in powder form for high-quality bread products.

QS Luxe Superieur ensures a high tolerance and superior softness with a short bite. Bread baked with QS Luxe Superieur has a very fine, white crumb structure. It adds flavour and aroma as well as softness to the bread. The product is suitable for production of soft rolls and buns.

Only ingredients of the highest quality are used for the QS line of bread improvers. Simply by using QS, every end product will stand out. QS bread improvers are suited for dough retarding or frozen dough processes.

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The Profit of Waste

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Release agent advice
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