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Sonpop Maize

Sonpop Maize
Extruded maize balls for extra maize flavour.

  • Extra maize flavour
  • Good processing properties
  • Flexible dosing

Product features

Bag, 10 kg
Shelf life:
6 months
The article contains the matter mentioned (as ingredient) or may contain the
matter. Corn/Maize
Sonpop Maize
Sonpop Maize can be used as filling for bread products. With the addition of Sonpop Maize to your recipe, you bake an extra rich and well maize flavoured bread. With the flexible dosing, you can create your own signature bread products. The extruded maize maintains its structure very well during processing, so the maize is clearly visable in the crumb of the end product. Declaration of this product is consumer friendly: 'popped maize' is sufficient.

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The Profit of Waste

The Profit of Waste

Release agent advice

Release agent advice
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