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Mini Pain des Bois


Flour 50% 5000 g
Vitason Pain des Bois 50% » 50% 5000 g
Sonplus Krokant Extra (Crispy) » 3% 300 g
Fresh Yeast 2% 200 g
Water approx. 60% 6000 g
Rye Flour 5% 500 g
Working method
Kneading Mix all ingredients into a smooth and well developed dough. The dough should be slightly soft.
Dough temperature Approx. 26°C
Bulk proof Total approx. 45 minutes capped in a closed container at bakery temperature. After 20 minutes give it a pre moulding (no degassing)
Scale Turn the container to a sufficient floured bench. Degas it as little as possible. Stitch square dough pieces approx. 5 x 5 cm, weight approx. 90 gram. Place the dough pieces on a with rice flour prepared inserter
Final proof Approx. 20 minutes
Decorating Just before baking sprinkle with rye flour
Baking Approx. 20-25 minutes at 220°C with steam for a good firm crust
BRC Halal Kosher RSPO Skal

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