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Carrot Cake


Credi Multicake » % 2500 g
Rapeseed oil % 350 g
Egg % 450 g
Water approx. % 725 g
Grated carrots % 600 g
Broken hazelnuts % 200 g
Working method
Cake Mix all ingredients approx. 5 minutes on low speed
Scale Approx. 450 grams in cake tins or approx. 2100 grams in cardboard baking forms of 27 x 38 cm.
Baking Approx. 35-40 minutes at 165°C
Finishing If desired, finish to your own understanding with apricot jelly
Extra information
Remarks The used cardboard baking forms have the size of 27 x 28 cm.
BRC Halal Kosher RSPO Skal

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