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Forrest Fruits Bavaroise Plate Cake


Cake batter: % g
Credi Cream Cake Vanilla % 550 g
Eggs % 190 g
Oil % 165 g
Water % 140 g
Forrest Fruits Bavaroise Filling: % g
Credi Fond Neutral % 200 g
Credi Compound Forrest Fruits % 60 g
Lukewarm water % 375 g
Lobed whipped cream % 1000 g
Working method
Cake Make cake batter. Mix all ingrediënts of te cake batter during approx. 5 minutes in first gear with the wisk into a planatary mixer till it is a smooth homogeneous mass
Processing Divide the batter over a baking pan of 20 x 60 cm prepared with baking paper
Baking Bake the filled baking tin for approx. 20 minutes at 160°C
Processing Allow the baked plate cake to cool sufficiently
Filling Make Forrest Fruits Bavaroise filling. Mix the Credi Fond Neutral and the Credi Compound Forrest Fruits with the lukewarm water. Mix in the lumpy whipped cream. Divide this over the cooled plate cake baking tin and let it stiffen sufficiently in the refrigerator or freezer
Finishing Decoration and cutting to your own insight
Extra information
Remarks Instead of Credi Compound Forrest Fruits, you can also choose the flavors Credi Compound Strawberry, Credi Compound Lemon-Lime and Credi Compound Mango-Passionfruit
BRC Halal Kosher RSPO Skal

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