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Hot Cross Bun


Flour 100% 10000 g
QS Krentenbollen (Fruit Buns) » 22% 2200 g
Fresh Yeast 8% 800 g
Salt 1.5% 150 g
Water approx. 65% 6500 g
Currants 25% 2500 g
Raisins 25% 2500 g
Tiger porridge
Tiger Porridge Mix 100% 1000 g
Water 160% 1600 g
Liquishort Cake 2% 200 g
Working method
Processing Make Hot Cross paste Mix the Tiger porridge mix and the water until it forms a smooth batter (26ºC) and leave it for some time
Kneading Mix all ingredients into a smooth and well developed dough After kneading directly mix filling in
Dough temperature Approx. 27ºC
Scale Approx. 1500 gram (30 pieces)
Dough proof Approx. 10-20 minutes
Dividing Divide and round up Place 2 rows of 3 dough pieces next to each other on baking sheets
Final proof Approx. 80 minutes
Decorating Make with the Hot Cross Paste a cross on all the buns
Baking Approx. 10-11 minutes at 260ºC
Finishing Brush it slightly with Liquishort Cake for extra glaze
Extra information
Remarks For better softness in the baked product, we recommend to wash again delivered raisins/currants and soak them briefly
BRC Halal Kosher RSPO Skal

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