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Mini Quark Buns Pineapple Curry


Flour 100% 10000 g
Sonnet Variatiemix Kwark » 200% 20000 g
Liquison Short Cake 10% 1000 g
Eggs 50% 5000 g
Water approx. 75% 7500 g
Filling 1
Curry powder 0.7% 700 g
Filling 2
Candied pineapple 5x5 mm 75% 7500 g
Working method
Kneading Mix all ingredients into a smooth and developed dough. Mixing time: approx. 5 minutes. After kneading directly mix the filling in; mix the curry powder into the dough until it is well incorporated, then mix the candied pineapple into the dough until a good division occurs
Dough temperature Approx. 24ºC
Scale Weigh the pieces in rollable pieces which are fast to process. Let the dough rest under a piece of plastic
Dough rest Approx. 20 minutes
Processing Roll the dough pieces to a slice with thickness of 10 mm. Then stick it with a serrated pastry plug of 4 cm diameter. Approx. 18g each. Place the dough pieces on baking sheets. (Outcome: Approx 2576 pcs)
Baking Approx. 12 minutes at 230ºC
Finishing Package the products after baking and cool down
Extra information
Remarks Packaging advice: Wrap in plastic after cooling and decoration Storage: Cool and dry place
BRC Halal Kosher RSPO Skal

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