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Pain de Campagne


Flour 95% 9500 g
Rye Flour 5% 500 g
Salt 1.8% 180 g
Yeast 1.5% 150 g
Proson Bruin Royal (brown) » 2% 200 g
Proson Krokant Malt (crusty malt) » 1% 100 g
Water Approx. 65% 6500 g
Working method
Baking With steam, on the floor, with the lock upwards. Approx. 30-40 minutes at 220ºC
Kneading Mix all ingredients into a well developed dough
Dough temperature Approx. 27°C
Bulk proof Approx. 1 hour (covered)
Moulding Gently fold the dough piece into three pieces
Dough rest Approx. 20 to 30 minutes
Scale Crispy baguette approx. 350 grams Floor baked bread approx. 450 grams
Moulding Mould not too tight (use flour to avoid stickiness)
Dough proof Approx. 20 to 30 minutes, then format in a loosely manner (not too tight)
Final proof Approx. 45 minutes
Decorating Rye flour
BRC Halal Kosher RSPO Skal

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