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Soft Pumpkin Buns

Please fill out the fields in white. (Mind!: in KG!). The fields in grey will be calculated automatically.
Totaal flour weight (in KG): 
Raw materials: in %: in kg: Price per kg: total price:
Flour %
CreationS Pumpkin %
Proson Luxe Naturel %
Salt %
Fresh Yeast %
Water approx. %
Rye flour %
Total recipe:    
Production loss (1%):      
Total dough weight:      
Weigh per pc. (in grammes):      
Outcome (no. of pc.):      
Raw material cost price per pc.:      
Optional finishing per pc.:      
Indication total raw materials cost price per pc.:
The cost price calculation does not take the dry matter requirements into account.
BRC Halal Kosher RSPO Skal

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