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Sunflower Buns


Flour 50% 5000 g
Vitason Zonnepit (sunflowerseed) 50% » 50% 5000 g
Fresh Yeast 6% 600 g
Sonplus Luxe (Luxury) » 10% 1000 g
Water approx. 53% 5300 g
Working method
Kneading Knead all ingredients into a smooth and well developed dough
Dough temperature Approx. 26ºC
Scale Approx. 1300 gram per 30 pieces
Dough proof Approx. 10 minutes
Moulding Divide and shape round. Lay six balls in a round pie plate, one in the middle and five around it. Decorate the middle part with corngrids and the outer parts with sunflower seeds
Final proof Approx. 80 minutes
Baking Approx. 10 minutes at 260ºC
BRC Halal Kosher RSPO Skal

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