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Sonneveld Group B.V. has offices all over Europe. The headquarter is located in Papendrecht, The Netherlands.


About our raw materials

At the Innovation & Development department from Sonneveld is a lot of knowledge about our raw materials and food products. Sonneveld wants to share this knowledge with you.

Product specifications

Product specifications are available for all of Sonneveld’s products. A specification includes the following components: Product information, Analysis data - nutritional value, ALBA information (allergy information) and GMO information.



Sonneveld loves to share our knowledge with you. Here you can find our advice on several topics for entrepreneurs.


Questions about quality

We receive many questions concerning quality in general. All information, incl. quality certificates, can be find in the client documentation file from the department Quality Assurance & Care.



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Release agents for the bakery industry

✔ Flawless, clean and quick release | ✔ Beautiful bakery products | ✔ Lowest cost-in-use

Release agents help bakeries to release bakery and confectionary products from baking moulds, tins, trays and conveyer belts in a flawless, quick and easy way. Using the right release agent and application method for your bakery situation makes it easier to bake high-quality products at the lowest cost-in-use. This way, you prevent that your products get dirty or damaged, you save on your total costs and you make sure that your production environment stays clean. An efficient release reduces the risk of production delays, product loss and rejects on the production line. Next to that, release agents help you to comply with the every-tightening hygiene standards and improve the shelf-life of your bakery products.

Do you want to know more about release agents for the bakery industry? And make sure that you use the right release agents and application method for your bakery to save costs and bake the best products? Below you can read more about what release agents are, what they do, why bakeries should use them, common challenges and more. Looking for the best release agent, slicing- or dividing oil and the right application method? Download our release agents brochure for the baking industry or get in touch with us for tailor-made advice based on your bakery situation.


Toll Processing and co-making

Sonneveld Group B.V. has a production facility in Papendrecht, the Netherlands. This production facility specialises in bakery ingredients and manufactures oil and fat containing products (blending, fat crystallisation, etc.) and powder handling and blending. In this production facility we work with closed systems. As a specialist in the production and packaging of these products, toll processing and co-making, we are pleased to assist you when you want to outsource.

BRC Halal Kosher RSPO Skal

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