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Release agents for the bakery industry

✔ Flawless, clean and quick release | ✔ Beautiful bakery products | ✔ Lowest cost-in-use

Release agents help bakeries to release bakery and confectionary products from baking moulds, tins, trays and conveyer belts in a flawless, quick and easy way. Using the right release agent and application method for your bakery situation makes it easier to bake high-quality products at the lowest cost-in-use. This way, you prevent that your products get dirty or damaged, you save on your total costs and you make sure that your production environment stays clean. An efficient release reduces the risk of production delays, product loss and rejects on the production line. Next to that, release agents help you to comply with the every-tightening hygiene standards and improve the shelf-life of your bakery products.

Do you want to know more about release agents for the bakery industry? And make sure that you use the right release agents and application method for your bakery to save costs and bake the best products? Below you can read more about what release agents are, what they do, why bakeries should use them, common challenges and more. Looking for the best release agent, slicing- or dividing oil and the right application method? Download our release agents brochure for the baking industry or get in touch with us for tailor-made advice based on your bakery situation.


What are release agents?

Release agents for bakeries are substances that provide an easy separation of a baked product (bread or confectionary products) and its baking material (tin, trays or belts) after baking. The release agents create a film on the surface of the mold or baking tray before the dough is applied. This film must be kept intact during the baking process, even at high temperatures, and is the basis of a quick, easy and flawless release of your baked goods.

Why should bakeries use release agents?

Bakeries should use the right release agent and application method to easily release baked goods and make sure that you have flawless, clean and high-quality products. Release agents enable you to save costs in your production process, keep a clean working environment and provide convenience and reliability in your bakery.

Most common problems and challenges with release agents

You can encouter several problems or challenges with your release agents and application methods. For example, your confectionary products may stick to your baking materials and get damaged, your dosing might be too high, your spraying pattern might be wrong, your coatings can get dirty and more. This can lead to a higher cost-in-use, damaged products, more waste, dirty working environments, a lower lifespan of baking materials and even downtime in production. Read our blog about the most common problems and challenges in industrial bakeries with release agents.

  • Products get dirty or damaged
  • Wrong release agent is being used
  • The spraying pattern is wrong
  • Wrong combination of release agent and spraying system
  • Too high dosage
  • Dirty work environment, machinery and materials

Choosing the right release agent and application method for your baking process

There are various ways in which organic (bio) high-quality release agents can be of benefit to you. It is important to make a considered choice for a release agent based on your recipe (% of sugar for example), your baking process, your baking tray or tin (type, material, coating, age), the desired shelf life of the end product and the application method. Only then you can be sure that the release agent of your choice is the best for your specific situation. Read our blog how you can choose the right release agent and application method. Or try our ‘release agents advice-wizard'. Fill in your relevant processing details and you will receive advice on the most suitable release / depanning agent(s). Before you order always consult your Sonneveld contact person or agent. 

The application methods for release agents in your bakery

The method used to apply the release agent in your bakery is important for the selection of the release agent. For example, spraying requires a different composition of the release agent compared to dripping or brushing. In industrial bakeries, we usually see release agents being applied with industrial automatic spraying equipment like air-less systems that work with low viscosity products and air-mix systems that work with low or high viscosity products. In smaller bakeries, release agents are usually being applied with semi-automatic systems, like our Easy Go Keg system. Release agents can also be applied manually using a brush or a cloth.

Release agent solutions of Sonneveld

We offer an extensive range of release agents and dividing and slicing oils for the entire food- and bakery industry. Browse our realease agents and dividing- and slicing oils below.

Our release agents are available in a wide range of packaging, from a practical aerosol to a 1000 litre container and suitable for the various automatic application systems.

Get in touch with our experts in release

Looking for advice to solve your release agent challenges? Or do you want to know which release agent, slicing- or dividing oil and application method you should use in your bakery? We advise you about the best choice of products, as well as the best dosing and application method for your standard or tailor made situation. We ensure you use the release agent that meets all your requirements and solves your bakery challenges. Get in touch with us for personal advice from one of our experts.

Interested in our release agents? Download our brochure and discover our solutions >

Easy Go Keg is a complete stand-alone system for an easy apply of release agents resulting in beautiful end products and flawless and quick release. The constant spray pattern ensures that the release agent is evenly distributed on the tins and plates, while the environment stays clean. Easy Go Keg is an airless closed system and reduces fogging in the bakery, so this brings more convenience and hygiene in the bakery.

Easy Go Keg productgroup information »

All of our knowledge, know-how and experience is at your disposal in the ‘Release Advice' wizard. Fill in your relevant processing details and you will receive advice on the most suitable release / depanning agent(s). Before you order always consult your Sonneveld contact person or agent. Go to release agents advice-wizard >>

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