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E-numbers are ingredients that are added to improve a food product. Another word for an ingredient with an e-number is an additive.

When gets an additive an e-number?

Additives are approved by the European Union to be used. An ingredient will not just get an E-number, the use must be absolutely safe. The number is a quality mark, it indicates that the substance is well studied in the application.

What are excipients?

Excipients is another word for additives.

Are additives unhealthy?

No, all additives are first thoroughly tested for their safety. It is important to know that not all E-numbers are chemically made. Most of the E-numbers are natural. Also some vitamins have an e-number and the colorants from beets and carrots, but also substances such as beeswax and lecithin contains e-numbers. Most products contain natural substances which are the same as the additives. For example: Vitamin C is the same as E300, propionic acid E280 occurs in cheese and benzoic acid E210 occurs naturally in cranberries. Sometimes it is even higher than permitted by law.

Sonplus CL

Sonplus Clean Label forms part of Sonneveld’s product assortment. This is a bread improver which is suitable for various different purposes. The product is based on enzyme technology.
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