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Salt, or table salt has the chemical name; natriumchloride.

Where is salt in?

The most of the salt is in processed products. That is food that you buy ready-made at the supermarket. But a small part of the salt is added at home while cooking or while eating. Also in bread is salt. People eat a lot of bread, so the salt intake via bread is high.

Why is salt not good?

Salt contains natrium. Natrium causes high blood pressure. A high blood pressure increases the chance to heart and vascular diseases.

What is the problem?

Dutch people eat too much salt. We only need a small part of salt to stay healthy.

What can you do yourself?

Note the label if you buy something. Here the salinity is often listed as natrium. 1 gram of natrium = 2,5 grams of salt. Next to that you can use less salt or bouillon cubes during cooking. Another choice is Losalt or Jozo, with this salt is a part of the natrium replaced by potassium chloride.

What has Sonneveld done?

Sonneveld has launched Proson Taste. With this product it is easier for bakers to reduce salt, without making the bread less tasteful. Next to that we are all the time busy with reducing salt in products.
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