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2. Certificates

The Quality Assurance & Care Department within Sonneveld is responsible for guaranteeing the quality and safety of its products, people and the environment, in order to comply with European legislation. Participation in various audits and obtaining the related certificates have resulted in an extra stimulant for improving the working processes and food safety within both the production and the office environments.

2.1 Quality Management Systems

Sonneveld has various different Quality Management Systems (QMS) and associated certificates at process level for different continents. An overview:

QMS* Continent Certification since
Certifying agency
BRC A+ level International 1-5-2004 Lloyd's
Riskplaza-audit+ National 7-2-2008 Lloyd's

*Click on the name of the product certificate for a more detailed explanation and to download the certificate, if required.

The certificates prove a good implementation of all guidelines and compliance with law and legislation in relation to quality and food safety and result in an extra stimulant for improving the working processes and food safety both within Sonneveld’s production and office environments. Periodic audits also take place within all internal departments and are carried out by specially trained auditors.

Sonneveld also has a supplier assessment system. All suppliers are assessed on their performance on product quality, information supply and logistic issues. The resulting score will be used to determine which suppliers are going to be audited during the forthcoming year.

2.2 Product certificates

In addition to the various different Quality Management Systems (QMS) and the associated certificates at process level, Sonneveld also has a number of product certificates. An overview:

Product certificates Continent Certificate since Certifying authority
HALAL International  16-11-2009 HIC/ HQC
Skal European 15-11-1994 Stichting Skal

It’s also possible to produce Kosher upon request, in addition to the above.

Next to these certificates Sonneveld also has a RSPO Supply Chain Certificate. For more information about this go to the item Sustainable palm oil.

2.3 Tracking & Tracing

The General Food Law states that every product must be traceable in the chain one step forwards and one step backwards. We can show all information for both the step forwards as well as the step backwards within one hour.

We can quickly demonstrate information as we have an internal Tracking&Tracing system. The system includes all relevant information regarding ingredients and final products. Ingredients are sampled when they arrive into the company and are given a unique serial number. This number is logged in the Tracking&Tracing system. The computer system registers which ingredient deliveries are processed per production batch by booking off the unique ingredient serial numbers. All end products are given an item number and batch number. The unique batch number is used to find out which ingredients delivery is processed in the product in question.

2.4 Complaints procedure

It goes without saying we always do our utmost within all processes in order to avoid complaints. However, if you do have a complaint, then this will be registered in our Complaints Management System once you have notified us. A complaint is dealt immediately, we may possibly ask for reference samples, the cause will be investigated and any possible improvement measures will be implemented. We can analyse and signal trends within our system, in order to subsequently introduce corrective actions.

2.5 Recall Procedure / Recall Action

Sonneveld has a Recall Procedure / Recall Action as part of the Crisis Management Procedure. Both procedures are closed linked to the internal Tracking&Tracing system and are tested at least twice a year.

BRC Halal Kosher RSPO Skal

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