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7. Finished product

7.1 Storage of products

Products are stored in our despatch department, where the bar codes are scanned in. The system indicates the location where the relevant pallet is stored. Several batches may be placed on one pallet. Sonneveld uses both plastic and timber pallets. The aim is to make as much use of plastic pallets as possible.

Only sealed packages are kept in the stores, protecting the product from external influences. The despatch of finished products takes place in accordance with the FIFO principle. Some finished products are stored externally. The storage company is certificated in accordance with HACCP and an annual audit by Sonneveld.

Orders are sent to despatch using "order management". The despatch department works with a Warehouse Management System indicating the storage location of each product. Order picking is carried out by scanning pallets. This system also allows a record to be kept of which customer has received a product with a specific batch number. This is important for Tracking & Tracing.

7.2 Transport

Transport of products is carried out by an external transport company. This external haulier arranges the transport of products throughout the Benelux countries, Germany and France. The company is certificated to HACCP standards. Annually the company is audited according to the requirements of the BRC. The audit is performed by Sonneveld who has their own BRC auditor. Transport within our other distribution areas is arranged through a range of hauliers.

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