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1. Sonneveld and Quality

Sonneveld Group B.V. was established in 1956. We now have a workforce of around 150 and our registered premises are in Papendrecht. Sonneveld supplies bakery ingredients to both craft and industrial bakeries. We export to countries in Europe, the Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia. A new paste and release agent plant was commissioned in 2005. Sonneveld does not hold an EC number, that system applies to meat and dairy plants.

1.1 Product range

We have a diverse product range, including bread improvers in powder, liquid, paste and block forms and an extensive range of bread and pastry mixes and release agents. Sonneveld is an innovative company whose dynamic market presence is reflected in a wide range of products services. The company is certified to the BRC standards (unannounced).

As well as the production location in Papendrecht, there are also Sonneveld departments in Poland, France and Hungary. Poland has a production location and France and Hungary have warehouses. Agents represent Sonneveld in many other European and non-European countries.

1.2 European Bakery innovation Centre

The European Bakery Innovation Centre (EBIC), opened in Papendrecht in September 2006, is a Sonneveld initiative and is intended to provide a knowledge centre where expertise and innovations can be shared with a broad spectrum of our partners from the bakery supply chain.  In 2010 the family business Sonneveld has been acquired by Orkla Food Ingredients (OFI). This multinational has a multi-local model in mind, which means that companies within OFI remain independent. The basic philosophy for mutual success is to learn from each other and to cross sell products if possible. Through this acquisition, the identity of the Sonneveld Group BV will be guaranteed.

Sonneveld wish to achieve and maintain a market profile as a reliable and progressive partner.

1.3 The Quality Assurance and Care department

The Quality Assurance and Care department has responsibility within the Sonneveld organisation for ensuring the quality and safety of products, people and the environment. Quality Assurance and Care report directly to the Board of Directors.

Quality Assurance and Care also handle the relevant procedures, monitor compliance and keep management informed about our quality and safety performance. Their areas of interest also extend to the monitoring of incoming raw materials, the production process and safety both of products and people and environmental care.

Continuous updating of our response to food standards legislation is one of the most significant concerns for the department. For this purpose among others, Sonneveld participate in sectoral organisations like NEBAFA and FEDIMA ( and Complaints handling and responses to technical queries from customers also feature among their allotted tasks. The department initiates the continuous improvement of processes.


Motivated by the covenant, Sonneveld have taken action and made a positive contribution to the reduction of dust in bakeries in the shape of our Proson products which are supplied in block form. The unique composition of these products makes them the first choice in dust-free bread improvement agents. We have also modified all our powder products so that the entire Sonneveld range now complies with the standard of < 1000 mg/kg included in the covenant.
For further information please see ( ).

ATEX 137

The explosion hazard of powdered raw materials is one particular subject of importance in the chain. The standards for the dust explosion are determined and need to be fulfilled. Sonneveld meets the European ATEX directive 137 (1999/92/EC).

1.4 Risk assessment

The carrying out of a Risk Assessment has been mandatory for all employers (apart from self-employed persons with no staff) since January 1, 1994. An Action Plan is a mandatory element of the Risk Assessment. All employers in the Netherlands must have an investigation carried out by a certificated occupational health and safety service to determine whether the work might present a risk to the health of employees. This investigation is known as a Risk Assessment and must be recorded in writing. The investigation will also generate recommendations relating to the Action Plan, which is itself a legislative requirement.

The Risk Assessment identifies the hazards, the responsible site emergency response team and their tasks, the emergency services who must be alerted if an emergency threatens, and a plan for internal and external alarms.

Sonneveld carry out a Risk Assessment on an annual basis. The company also maintains an extensive emergency response organisation which includes first-aiders. Sonneveld employees receive regular training in the safety aspects of products and their working environment. A safety manual has been drawn up for use by all staff.

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