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Dosage Concepts

Sonneveld thinks with you! Not just when it concerns final quality of bakery products. Precise measurement of our basic ingredients is often equally as important. Sonneveld invests substantially in finding ways to improve dosage methods, making it easier and safer.

Dosage Concepts

Sonneveld products can be supplied in various physical forms, packaging, amounts and are made to fit your production process. In most cases we take care of packaging weights that are tailormade to fit exactly into your desired dosage or charge.


Through the use of colour hues, differentiation can be made between various groups of products. Every colour stands for an own group of products. This makes our large range of bakery ingredients more clear to us and our customers.


Sonneveld underlines the 'dust-covenant' such as the one agreed upon by the bakery branch and the government. Innovations such as Liquison liquid bread improvement agents and Proson block-improvers provide a considerable contribution to the reduction of dust. Even our bread improvers in powder form are more safe, thanks to a special spray. This is a great advantage to you as well as our own employees. Packaging used for our products is accompanied by specifications. Naturally, all of our packaging products are Food Grade and comply with Commodity Act norms.

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