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Quality Assurance

At Sonneveld, quality and food safety are among our most important goals. And goals are there to be achieved! Consequently, Sonneveld is a market leader when it comes to food safety.

Controlling safety

In order to safeguard food safety, we work conform the BRC and OFSS (Orkla Food Safety Standard, Company standard) norms, all unannounced. Sonneveld has been certified for all these systems, although in practice our own standards are often stricter than the statutory requirements. For more information take a look at questions about quality.

Quality bread improver products

Sonneveld's independent Quality Assurance & Care department is responsible for the quality of products, people and our surroundings. A team of enthusiast employees are in charge of checking incoming ingredients, monitoring the production process, the safety of products and individuals and care for the environment. In addition, this department handles customer queries and complaints. Naturally we take complaints very serious and we try to handle them as smoothly and quickly as possible. Sonneveld also offers the ability to execute service audits at the customers to let them operate at a more higher level.

Product specifications

A product specification is available for every product we produce. These product specifications are easily downloadable. The Quality Assurance & Care department keeps these specifications up to date. Each product specification comprises the following components:

  • Product information
  • Analyses details - nutritional value
  • ALBA - information
  • GMO - information
BRC Halal Kosher RSPO Skal

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