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2 May 2022 - How to choose the right release agent and spraying system for your industrial confectionary bakery? (Product News)

In our previous blog, we discussed the most common release agent issues and challenges in industrial confectionary bakeries. To release your confectionary products in a cost-efficient way, it is important to choose the right release agent in combination with the application method for the product that you’re baking. This ensures a flawless and clean release of your high-quality products, combined with more convenience and reliability in your industrial confectionary bakery. When creating high-quality baked goods, the amount of release agent being used is just as essential as selecting the right type of release agent. There are different kinds release agents. Each type of release agent has its own unique properties. Together with the optimal application method for the chosen release agent, you can optimize the dosage, minimize the cost in use and create better end products. In this blog, you'll learn how to choose the right release agent for your industrial bakery situation.
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