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31 August 2009 - Bread with less salt (Innovation News)

Bread contributes considerably to the daily intake of salt. This is why our branch has agreed to reduce the salt percentage of bread from 2% to 1,8%. Yet again, an innovation such as ‘Proson Taste' can reduce the salt in bread even more.

The Health Board calls for a reduction of 1/3 in total salt consumption. The bakery sector has to contribute to this significantly because relatively speaking; of all foodstuffs, bread contributes the most to salt intake. This is why the Dutch bakery branch has taken the initiative and agreed that from the 1st January 2009 the salt percentage of bread will be reduced from 2% to 1,8%. However, the salt percentage in bread can be reduced even more, without influencing the functionality and the taste of the bread.


Proson Taste is the perfect solution for bakeries that wish actively to lend a hand to the reduction of the salt percentage. Proson Taste is a bread ‘character influencer' that can be used to enrich the taste of your bread. By adding 1% Proson Taste to your bread recipes you can reduce the salt content by up to 50%. This can be achieved without having any unfavourable effects on the characteristics of the dough or the perception of taste. More about Proson Taste












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