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10 March 2015 - Bread with sourdough (Product News)

Bakers use sourdough to make breads with a better characteristic flavour and richer aroma. Breads made with sourdough also have a tender and resilient crumb and a longer shelf life. Sonneveld has  products to make breads with sourdough: Proson Sarrasin, Sonextra Zuurdesempoeder (sourdough powder) and ID Spelt Sourdough. Make delicious sourdough breads and let your customers enjoy the unique flavour and smell.

Sonextra Zuurdesempoeder (sourdough powder)

Sonextra Zuurdesempoeder is a natural sourdough in powder form and gives your bread products that delicious soudough aroma. It will make your white bread, Italian bread or French baguettes even tastier! Sonextra Zuurdesempoeder can be added directly to the dough, but can also be used when preparing pre-dough. It ensures extra flavour and supple doughs.

Proson Sarrasin

Proson Sarrasin is a natural sourdough in block-form. It also gives your bread products more character and a delicious smell and taste (fresh bread flavour) by a distinctive combination of Sarrasin (buckwheat) and rye. Proson Sarrasin will make your white bread, Italian bread or French baguettes tastier than ever before. This product can be added directly to the dough.

ID Spelt Sourdough

ID Spelt Sourdough is a ready to use liquid sourdough. This Norwegian sourdough is specially designed for the artisanal process and gives bread products a distinctive and authentic taste, in short: its own IDentity. The product is easy to use and applicable to all types of bread.

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