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11 April 2013 - Cost in use advantage with Crumb Soft (Product News)

Crumb Soft is developed to improve the softness and freshness of all types of breads and rolls. This product retards the staling process and results in softer products with a finer crumb structure. Sonneveld has made an instruction film about Crumb Soft, so you can see how to use Crumb Soft en what the result is.

Crumb Soft replaces the fat content in your bread, using a low dosage of 1/5 to 1/4 of needed fat content. Your end products will have a lower content of trans fatty acids.

Furthermore a calorie reduction can be achieved. Thanks to the low dosage, you will need less tonnage, which will lead to lower logistic costs and less packaging waste.

Advantages of Crumb Soft
  • Improved softness and volume
  • Shelf life extension
  • Low dosage (1/5-1/4 of needed fat content)
  • Low content of trans fatty acid, calorie reduction/fat reduction
  • Advantages of costs in use
  • Applicable to all types of bread

More information
For more information about Crumb Soft go to the productpage. The instruction film can be found on our YouTube account.












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