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9 February 2012 - Deliciously tasty rye mixes (Product News)

Rye flour has some interesting properties due to its high hemicellulose content. The combination with wheat flour has resulted in a greasy crumb and a finer crumb structure. Plus the rye flour and rye meal have made the bread tastier as a result of the natural aromas and those which the yeast produces from the hemicellulose break-down products.

The disadvantage of the high hemicellulose content is that the dough becomes stickier. It’s therefore crucial to use the right enzymes (hemicellulases) which won’t break the hemicellulose down too much, which will release the bound moisture and will result in both sticky and floating doughs.

Bread mixes
Sonneveld has combined the right enzyme technology with other ingredients and soon we can introduce delicious and tasty rye mixes.

Rye flour is also ultimately suitable for producing sourdough as a result of its high fibre/hemicellulose content. This has been processed in Sonextra Sourdough Powder, which will give bread a mild sourdough flavour with a dosage of 1-4%.











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