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13 June 2012 - Excellent release of your products with Goldwax (Product News)

Goldwax is a release agent and is especially developed for the release of end products with a high sugar and protein content. But Goldwax can certainly also be used for a variety of other applications as a result of its high release power. All Goldwax products are compiled based on vegetable oils and waxes.

Releasing products can be done faster, with less damaged end products. The release of products is faster and the subsequent waste levels are considerably lower compared to other release agents.

Advantages usage Goldwax
Goldwax can be sprayed without atomisation and is very economical. Goldwax is for example available in a 600 ml spray can and is ultimately suitable for bakery products and all other small scale productions like baking meat products and the catering industry.

Products in the Goldwax range
In the Goldwax range are six different products:

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