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7 October 2010 - FermenSon - product information & support (Product News)

As you may know, Sonneveld launched a new product during IBA Munich 2015: FermenSon, the ready to use pre-ferment. We’ve had some very promising conversations with many international customers during the exhibition. In order to provide the right follow up, we would like to know if you are interested in the product FermenSon and what it can do for your customers. We will be happy to assist you. Provide us with detailed information on potential customers, potential volume and other relevant information and we can put together a launch plan for your market / customer.

Read more on the product page of FermenSon


FermenSon is a ready-to-use pre-ferment, specially developed for preparing various types of bread using traditional methods in modern bakeries. It consists of water, flour, sugar, salt and a starter culture. Currently we only present the standard FermenSon product to customers: FermenSon Prestige. More information on this product and recipes is available at the productpage of FermenSon Prestige.

Watch the FermenSon film

Watch the FermenSon film

FermenSon - marketing support

Various international case studies have been done already and several marketing materials have been made to support you.
These are available for you to use:

All available materials can be translated for you.
Interested? Visit and fill in the form on our website. We will contact you afterwards.

Fill in the form on our website

Fill in the form to specify your interest and needs

If the standard FermenSon Prestige will not suffice for your larger industrial customers, custom solutions can be made. Please contact Joost de Groot by e-mail ( or by phone (+31 (0)6 542 381 97).

Please contact Joost de Groot by e-mail ( or by phone (+31 (0)6 542 381 97) for questions and support.













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