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10 April 2012 - Inspiring summer tip: Mediterranean mixes (Product News)

The summer season is near and the temperature is rising. Now it’s time for some inspiring summer products. CreationS Mediterranean and Vitason Méditerranée are two Sonneveld products with typical flavour and scent of bread types from Mediterranean countries.

CreationS Mediterranean
The balanced mix of spices, sun-dried tomatoes and herbs in CreationS Mediterranean, results in the typical flavour and scent of bread types from Mediterranean countries. The ingredients complement each other. The mix is perfected by adding sunflower kernels, linseed and extruded maize.

The dough has a good extensibility, is easy to process (both in traditional and industrial processes) and are very tolerant. The higher the dose of CreationS Mediterranean, the softer the bread.

Vitason Méditerranée
This mix with Italian herbs was inspired by the scents and tastes of Tuscany. Vitason Méditerraneé is a 50% mix that encourages the artisan baker to bake breads in different forms, such as focaccias. By adjusting form and decoration, you can use Vitason Méditerranée to make an unique variety of and so meet the wishes of your customers even better.

One of the bread varieties is Dolce Pane, an Italian loaf that allows you to respond to the trends of the season. Dolce Pane tastes great for lunch or with a barbecue. Dolce Pane has a nice yellow-brown crumb colour and a crispy crust. The Italian herbs give this bread its lovely taste.

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