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11 January 2013 - New instruction film Sonextra Marinade (Product News)

Last November Sonneveld has introduced the product Sonextra Marinade. With Sonextra Marinade your old bread turns into a savoury snack. You can view the preparation method in the instruction film. This instruction film shows you how Sonextra Marinade should be used and what results can be acquired.

With Sonextra Marinade you can create efficiency and minimise your waste. The product is available in two flavours: Pomodori and Green Herbs. Sonneveld has created an instruction film especially for you, that shows you how to makes delicious bread crisps with Sonextra Marinade.

Instruction film Sonextra Marinade

This instruction film shows you how to use Sonextra Marinade to make delicious bread crisps from your old bread. In one minute you can easily see the preparation and you will see the results immediately. Watch the film on our YouTube channel.

Advantages of Sonextra Marinade

  • More efficiency
  • Minimises the waste of products
  • No cannibalisation within your product range (different moments of consumption)
  • Bread crisps have a long shelf-life (ca. 7 days)

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