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29 August 2017 - ProSon. The easy way to premium quality (Product News)

Dirty hands, work tops and baking tools, as well as dust forming due to processing conventional bread impovers are history with ProSon. Due to the unique structure and the division scale on the packaging ProSon is easy to dose in every desired measure without the use of a scale.

Read the ProSon brochure

ProSon is a block bread improver combining the advantages of paste and powders in a single product. This is the secret behind ProSon, an innovative invention by Sonneveld for artisan bakers who are looking for quality and convenience.

Proson has been specially developed for the quality baker who wants to meet the demands of today’s consumer. The bread varieties baked with Proson will have a surprisingly short bite in combination with superior softness. The ProSon assortment includes bread improvers for all types of bread and all processes, such as white, brown, wholegrain, fruit, luxury and crusty breads. This way you are the one who determines the properties of your final product. Whether you opt for an extra crusty bread or long term softness, with ProSon you will always bake bread of distinctive quality.

Advantages of ProSon
• easy to use
• high process tolerance
• premium quality dough

But also…
• pleasant to work with the dry, supple dough
• excellent workability thanks to the high fat content
• easy to measureable doses: no more weighing, only counting or dividing
• attractive crumb colour












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