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1 November 2012 - Reduce waste with Sonextra Sustain (Product News)

We are much more conscious about throwing away food and reprocessing waste in these current times. Sonneveld has guaranteed sustainability in its organisation. We aim to develop products which will reduce your and our own impact on the environment. This is why Sonneveld has developed Sonextra Sustain.

Reprocessing of bread
Sonneveld has developed a concept for the reprocessing of bread, Sonextra Sustain. Sonextra Sustain is a unique product which will enable you to process bread in a qualitative and safe manner. Sonextra Sustain will allow you to turn waste bread into a sourdough for the daily production of your bread. The special technology included in the starter prevents the growth of spore forming bacteria which cause mould. The result is bread which is tastier and softer than bread produced without the sourdough from waste bread.

Saving by reprocessing
Sonneveld aims to develop products that reduce your and our impact on the environment. In addition, the reprocessing of bread can result in considerable savings within your organisation. By reducing raw materials, Sonextra Sustain saves you money. You also save money on the disposal of your waste bread. By reprocessing waste bread into bread, you make a concrete contribution to reducing waste and therefore a better environment and it also results in higher profit levels for you.

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