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5 October 2012 - Sonextra Marinade: from stale bread to savoury snack (Product News)

Sonneveld introduces a new product, named Sonextra Marinade. Your stale bread can be used to make a savoury snack by adding Sonextra Marinade. Sonextra Marinade is available in two flavours: Pomodori and Green Herbs.

Sonextra Marinade
Sonextra Marinade is a ready to use bread marinade and is suitable for all kinds of bread products, from wholemeal to toast bread. Sonextra Marinade can be used at stale bread to be reprocessed into a delicious savoury snack. It minimises the waste of bakery products and turns it into a distinctive end product: Bread crisps.

Advantages of Sonextra Marinade

  • Rework of stale bread (sustainability)
  • Minimise waste of products (sustainability)
  • Consists of fine herbs and spices
  • Suitable for all kinds of bread
  • No cannibalisation (different moments of consumption)
  • Bread crisps have a long shelf-life (ca. 7 days)

More information
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