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18 December 2014 - Tasteful savoury bread snacks with Sonextra Marinade (Product News)

The upcoming holidays offer you, as a baker, opportunities to make the difference with tasty bread variations. In 2014, Sonneveld developed various inspiring (Celebread) recipes. You can combine Sonneveld’s bread mixes easily with Sonextra Marinade Cheese Onion, Pomodori or Green Herbs to create delicious savoury breads. These breads are perfect to serve to your customers during the holidays.

Bake delicious savory breads and snacks with Sonextra Marinade

These ready to use bread marinades are easy to use and suitable for all kinds of bread products, from wholemeal to toast bread. Bread made with Sonextra Marinade has a delicious flavour due to the use of fine herbs and species. Sonextra Marinade also  minimises the waste of bakery products, because these products can be reprocessed into a distinctive end product: bread chips.

Recipes with Sonextra Marinade:
  • Bread chips (Green Herbs)
  • Celebread Italian Ciabatta (Pomodori)
  • Celebread Mediterranée (Cheese Onion)
  • Celebread Light Multigrain (Green Herbs)
  • Celebread with Cheese Topping (Pomodori)

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