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18 December 2014 - The success of our gluten free bread mixes (Product News)

On the 20th of November 2014 YAM Gluten Free won the Dutch Year Award for Good Nutrition 2014. YAM gluten Free bread is produced by our Dutch industrial customer with Sonneveld’s 100% gluten free bread mixes. Sonneveld supplies these mixes in three different flavours: SonFit Gluten Free Light Multiseed, SonFit Gluten Free Dark Multiseed and SonFit Gluten Free Original. This way, you are able to supply unique, fresh and tasty gluten free breads to your customers!

Advantages of our gluten free mixes

With Sonneveld’s gluten free bread mixes you are able to produce safe and tasty gluten free bread and set new high quality standards. Due to the specific composition of the raw materials and the unique manufacturing process, a delicious gluten free bread can be baked which:
  • does not crumble
  • is comparable to wheat bread with gluten in terms of ​​softness, texture, flavour and shelf life
  • is characterized by a very low salinity level compared to regular bread
  • has a fixed non-cake-like structure with healthy ingredients: fibre-containing cereals
  • has an average slice which is heavier and more solid than a typical sandwich

Product information SonFit Gluten Free Original »
Product information SonFit Gluten Free Multiseed »
Product information SonFit Gluten Free Dark Multiseed »

Production of gluten free breads

For the production of the SonFit Gluten Free bread range we started a partnership with a Dutch company which has a production facility that meets the requirements and is certified to produce gluten free products. Sonneveld carefully selected the raw materials from a guaranteed gluten free supply chain. Other raw materials are purchased from reliable suppliers that supply a certificate of analysis which guarantees their product is gluten free.

Please note: gluten free bread has to be baked in a gluten and wheat free environment.

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