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Here you will find our older news items (>1 year old):
8 April 2011 - Vitason - easy to use mixes for tasty breads! (Product News)

Bakeries all over the world value the ease in use of Sonnevelds Vitason bread mixes. With the dosage ranging between 20 to 50%, Vitason bread mixes are easy in use, include improver and salt and always ensure a tasty end product. Inform yourself of the possibilities and try our Vitason mixes yourself. Requesting a sample is easy via our website.

Vitason mixes are easy to use bread mixes made of only high quality ingredients. Vitason mixes allow you to meet the demand for special bread varieties without making an extra effort. They have been extensively evaluated by our consumer panel and externally tested by bakers. Also, it is a simple matter to give your special breads their own individual character. The Vitason mixes from Sonneveld allow you to incorporate different special bread varieties in your range in an efficient manner. Sonneveld offers you a wide choice of Vitason standard mixes containing the most diverse seeds.

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