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Here you will find our older news items (>1 year old):
23 December 2009 - New Sonneveld website (Corporate News)

As of January 2010 the new Sonneveld website is online. is a modern and interactive website for bakers worldwide. The website offers support and service for Sonneveld clients 24 hours a day through the individual My Sonneveld page. Finding the right bakery ingredient is easy with relevant search criteria for the baker. This is a unique feature of the Sonneveld website.

The new global Sonneveld website will be online as of January 2010. It is designed especially to meet the needs of bakers worldwide. The investment in a new website is a logical step for Sonneveld, regarding the digital era and technological opportunities.

Visitors get the most out of the new website when they create a personal account, the so-called 'My Sonneveld' account. After registering, the password can be changed into a password of choice. 'My Sonneveld' gives clients access to (tailor-made) product specifications, favorite products and recipes, newsletters and details. (Click for demo)

Finding the right bakery ingredient through relevant search criteria is a unique feature of the website. By choosing desired features of the end product or bakery ingredient the website suggests a selection of relevant bread improvers, mixes or pastry mixes from the Sonneveld range.

Other new features are a live help messenger for instant help and a media gallery.












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