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15 April 2013 - On top products for extra softness (Corporate News)

Softness in bread is always an important subject in the bakery industry. Sonneveld has a solution for every need, with an assortment of products for extra softness to your bread. These products are an addition on top of any complete bread improver.

On top products
Below an overview of our on top products for extra softness to your bread. They are available in different forms like powder, block and liquid.

Types of softness

There are two types of softness of bread. At first the resilient softness: the bread is like a ‘sponge’. After pushing in the crumb of the bread it springs back to its original shape. Next to that there is sticky softness: The bread is like ‘margarine’. After pushing in the crumb of the bread it stays in that shape, you can see the print of your fingers in the bread. Consumers are not interested in the difference between the two types of softness, but find softness in bread really important when making a decision on which bread they buy. To accomplish the softness of bread to meet your customers demand, you can use different kind of products. Sonneveld advises you to use one of the above products.

Crumb Soft
Crumb Soft can be used to improve the softness and freshness of all types of bread and rolls. Crumb Soft retards the staling process and results in softer products with a finer crumb structure. Furthermore, Crumb Soft replaces the fat content in your bread, using a low dosage of 1/5 to 1/4 of needed fat content. Thanks to this, your end products will have a lower content of trans fatty acids and you will need less tonnage, which will lead to lower logistic costs and less packaging waste.

For more information, please watch the Crumb Soft instruction film.

More information

For more information see our website or contact our customer service department via the contact form.













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