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Here you will find our older news items (>1 year old):
19 June 2017 - Powder factory Sonneveld has a new operating system (Corporate News)

The Sonneveld powder factory operating system has been upgraded to the latest version. This upgrade took place between 12 April and 24 May. All hardware (computers, switchboards, switchboards) has been renewed and the software has been re-inserted. Through this upgrade, we can ensure the continuity of our factory for the coming years. The operating system of the old specialty factory and the Palipro factory will be upgraded next year.

The preparations have taken months. Our customers and their orders have always been our priority to ensure that their raw materials are delivered on time. Hence, an estimation of the orders of raw materials was made in advance. These raw materials were stocked accordingly to meet customer’s demands during these weeks. This process was successful.

In addition to the upgrade of the operating system, two other projects have also been completed:
1. All raw materials have a barcode. This enables us to track the raw materials even better, from supplier to customer. This is beneficial in ensuring the best quality.
2. All motors in the powder factory are now equipped with special switches to ensure a safer work environment for all operators.

Sonneveld shows that she is ready for the future together with these investments!













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