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15 November 2011 - Reduce waste and increase profit at the same time (Corporate News)

To reduce waste and increase profit Sonneveld has developed a product for the reprocessing of bread, named Sonextra Sustain.

Reduce waste
In current times consumers are more conscious about the disposal of food waste. Among other things, it’s therefore important for suppliers to reduce waste. Of all the bread baked in the larger bakeries, 1 to 2% is unsuitable for sale. This bread does not fulfil the necessary specifications and ends up as animal feed or is thrown into the waste stream. Sonneveld has found a solution to this waste disposal and makes it possible to reprocess this bread, which can result in the increase of profit.

Sonextra Sustain is a tailor-made application for the reprocessing of bread. It allows you to achieve great savings while reducing unnecessary waste. Sonextra Sustain converts your waste bread into a sourdough for daily use in producing delicious new bread. The result is astounding – a new, softer bread with better taste and freshness. Without any additional risk of rope. Sonextra Sustain is suitable for all types of bread which is produced outside of specification and which is at most 48 hours old.

The reprocessing of waste bread to bread will result in a concrete contribution to reducing waste flows and therefore a better environment.

On October 31st 2011 Sonneveld’s Sonextra Sustain was one of three nominees for the No Waste Award, the award for the most innovative partnership in reducing food waste. The initiative of the award was taken by the Dutch ministry of economic affairs, agricultural affairs and innovation.












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